Yes, we work with nonprofits, too.


ClearPath Agility Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop - FALL 2019

An online workshop tailored for nonprofits.
How to create a 6-step marketing plan targeted to your audience.

Your organization is launching a new service, an annual campaign or another big project and you need to put together the marketing plan for it. The challenge is you don’t have anyone with the background to put it together and you don’t have the budget to hire someone to do it for you.

Imagine how great it would feel to find a resource to help you put together exactly what you need.

You got a step-by-step outline to create the plan.

You have tools and templates that you could use to drop in your information to create the plan.

You got feedback while you were creating your plan.

You could use this same process over and over on future projects.

Designed specifically for nonprofits, the ClearPath Agility Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop does just that. In an online platform that you can watch from your office, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to create your marketing plan and you can receive feedback as you develop your plan throughout the program.

With this easy-to-use instructional method, you can use the ClearPath Agility Nonprofit Marketing Plan platform on future projects, making it a valuable one-time investment for your organization.


Running a nonprofit has unique challenges. Providing quality services to clients. Reaching a lot of audiences, all with the right messages. Getting funding for new services. And doing it with limited resources, including staff and money.

You need to stay focused on serving your clients. But you also need to grow efficiently and quickly. This is where we can help. We help you develop a clear path to reach your goals. Then we can walk you through how to put the pieces in place.

Having a clear path forward lets you stay focused on serving your clients.