Preparing to Build

You've probably heard this before. 

Before you start working on a project, whether it's a large or small one, you need to have a plan. A clear one. Here’s why it’s important.

Imagine that you’re building the house of your dreams. You picture yourself living in the beautifully-designed space. You imagine the neighborhood and fun times you’ll have with neighbors. You can almost smell the flowers in your well-kept garden.

You take the plunge and start. You find the lot and hire an architect. You’re on the way to living in your dream house!

The architect has so many questions and you hadn’t considered all of the details. How big do you want your house to be? What rooms do you want and how many? What design style should it be? What kind of building materials do you want to use? And so many, many, many more questions.

Building a house is an analogy for building your business. If you’re like most business executives, you dream about what you want your business to look like as it grows. Plans are essential to make sure you’re building it to your specifications.

Think of your house size as your goal for your business. What is the size you’d like your business to grow to be over the next 3 years, 5 years and beyond? This might include revenues, profitability, new services or even new service channels.

Your rooms are the services you offer. Your house will have details like doors, windows, carpet or hardwood, furniture and lighting. In business, you have details for each service: service levels, features, pricing, customer service and more.

People notice the design style first. Homes may be contemporary, traditional or other style. In business, the first things prospects and customers notice are your outward style. Your messaging, logo and graphics, as well as your communications to clients, prospects, your team and board all make a first and lasting impression.

Building materials may be brick, wood, stone. In business, these are the tools you use to build your business: your website, social media, online tools, advertising, trade shows, customer referrals or other tools.

The list and similarities could go on and on, but you get the gist. Developing the plan and aligning it to your vision is essential for growth and success.

Your house plans guide your builder and construction crew. In business, your plan guides the team that does the work. Unless they have the plan, they can’t implement your vision. Make sure that your plan is established and clear before you and your team starts doing the work.

Not sure where to start on building your plan? The ClearPath Agility Solution team can help you develop your plan and move your business forward. Schedule a free assessment and see how ClearPath Agility can help your business.