Who We Are

Vanderhorst Consulting began in 2002 when our founder realized the need for focused, quality business services across businesses of all sizes. Beginning with service companies and even nonprofits, Vanderhorst Consulting grew into a trusted partner for helping businesses achieve goals through a defined plan and execution. We've led teams through the process and measured the progress with vigilant reporting.

As more organizations turned to us looking for clear direction on growing their companies in an ever-changing business environment, ClearPath Agility was born. Today, we help these service businesses who have the vision, drive and desire to grow, but need help to make it a reality.

We are proud of our 15+ years of helping businesses create actionable strategies for business success.

Our Founder

Jane Vanderhorst, creator of the ClearPath Agility Solution

Jane Vanderhorst is a savvy, decisive business leader with decades of experience developing growth plans and strategies. From the very beginning of her career, she was recognized as someone who saw the big picture, but also could dig in to create an action plan and achieve it. 

Her passion is helping companies excel by truly understanding their vision and the gaps needed to be addressed to make it reality. She understands what makes a successful business and will develop a direct and effective path to move forward.

Balancing creativity with business acumen, Jane brings a unique mentoring skill set that will benefit your company now and in the future.

We look forward to connecting with you. You can contact us, or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook.